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September 17th

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Ragdoll was formed in Northampton UK in the late '80s by brothers Dave and Wayne Cox. The band played a mix of original and covers on a local and national level until the mid 90's when the members began moving to different countries. Guitarist Dec Burke has released several studio albums both solo and with named prog acts. Drummer Wayne Cox moved to Ireland and worked as a session player, including a top-five single. Bass player and vocalist Paul Hird moved to California, where he appeared in award-winning short films and is currently mixing and mastering for artists worldwide. Keyboard player and vocalist David Cox also moved to Ireland where he continues to play music and has starred in numerous musicals. Fast forward to 2020 and the band reconnected during the Covid crisis to create new music.

Their first single Rise was released at the end of April 2021 and currently has 20,000 streams on Spotify and 15,000 music video views on YouTube.


Forward Emotion (let yourself go) is their second release. The recording production, mixing and mastering plus the video production were all done by the band in England, Ireland and the USA.


They are currently putting the finishing touches on a self-titled EP and writing new material for an album. “Forward Emotion (let yourself go) is a song about what becomes possible when you follow your heart and truly let yourself go”.



Forward Emotion
(let yourself go) 

"Takes you on a ride along with the keyboard and guitar strokes. A good tune"

Eric McLellan

A&R consultant

"I really liked the song, it reminds me a lot of good rock from the 80s, very good instrumental and great vocals and backing vocals."


Only indie

"This band rocks!!! Makes me wanna fire up the 80's model Trans Am and just cruise around. Our generation rocked!!"

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Toxic music


"The song shows the beauty of rock music performed by great musicians ands its really amazing"


Indie Dock
Music Blog

"This song is set in infectious energy and dripping with all that was good in the '80s with Rag Doll doing the music world a favour by releasing such great music"


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